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List of States & UT’s

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India, a union of states, is a Sovereign, Secular, Democratic Republic with a Parliamentary system of Government. The President is the constitutional head of Executive of the Union. In the states, the Governor, as the representative of the President, is the head of Executive. The system of government in states closely resembles that of the Union. There are 29 states and 7 Union territories in the country. Union Territories are administered by the President through an Administrator appointed by him/her. From the largest to the smallest, each State/UT of India has a unique demography, history and culture, dress, festivals, language etc. This section introduces you to the various States/UTs in the Country and urges you to explore their magnificent uniqueness...

List of districts in each State & UT’s

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India is one of the oldest civilizations with a kaleidoscopic variety and rich heritage. There are 716 Districts in India administered by their respective State/UT Government. Districts is an endeavour of NIC to provide a one-stop source for all the information about Districts at one place on the web. Visit the portal, which provides all the information regarding the area, population and headquarters about any district.

Here we are providing link to Village level mapping of demography and amenities maps on the GIS based website. This enables dynamic generation of choropleth maps for rural India for more than 160 parameters of Primary Census Abstract 2001 and Amenities Data, provided by Registrar General of India. Moreover, we are linking to the website of Survey of India, which acts as adviser to the Government of India on all survey matters, viz Geodesy, Photogrammetry, Mapping and Map Reproduction. With the help of this link one can access the map of any state and districts of the country.

Governor / Lt. Governor

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A “Governor” in most of the cases, is a public official with the power to govern the executive branch of sub-national level of state government. The power of an individual governor can vary dramatically between political systems, with some governors having only nominal or largely ceremonial power, while others having a complete control over the entire government.

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Director (PR) of State Government

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“Public Relations Head” works as the leader of the public relations department of the state. It has to develop strategies that are intended to create and uphold a positive image of the State. By working and forming relationships with various members of different states, media & government, then generate new developmental opportunities.

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Chief Secretaries

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The post of “Chief Secretary” is the senior most position held in the civil services of the states and the union territories of India.

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The “Indian Police Service” (IPS), is an All India Service for Policing.

Their objective is to promote and preserve Public Order, Safety of all the people in our country, Investigate crimes, Responding to emergencies and much more.

Their main duty is to serve that nation and protect from any danger, be it mass mobs protest or natural calamity, they have to be alert in all the situations; they have to protect the citizens of the country without worrying about their life.

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State Bhavan in Delhi

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As Delhi is the capital therefore states and union territories of other countries has its Bhawans or Guest Houses in Delhi so that proper coordination exists between the states. They also have different offices and counters representing the states. It also has the facility of accommodation for VIP & VVIP guests, but general public can also stay their and enjoy the native food at a very reasonable price.

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